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Welcome to our Website and to the Horley and District Probus Club

The Club provides a convivial meeting place once a month for men who have retired from managing businesses or practising in the professions and who live in Horley, Copthorne and the surrounding villages. We gather to enjoy lunch and to listen to a speaker on a subject of interest. We also organise visits for members and their wives and partners.

The difference between Probus and other clubs that may seem to be similar is that Probus does not raise funds for charities. This difference was established when the Probus Club movement was founded in the 1960s because many of the members were or had been involved already in charitable fund raising.

As well as our monthly meetings, every third month we invite our wives or partners to our lunches plus an annual BBQ all of which adds to the building of the Club’s sense of community . The monthly meetings give an opportunity for prospective members to join us as guests, to meet established members who they may already know, and to see what we do. If you want to know about our meetings, have a look at MEETINGS AND SPEAKER PROFILES and the THREE MONTHLY DIARY.

A comment made by one of our members summed up the importance of the Club to him which reflected the reason that so many other members have joined over the years:

 “When I retired, I felt a real sense of loss for the community and common interest that work had given me. I also realised that my work meant that I hardly knew the area in which we lived and raised our family. My wife said 'She had married me for better or worse but not for lunch'. A neighbour introduced me to Probus and since then we have made friends and in the 11 years since I joined, I’ve have learnt so much about the community and area  in which we have lived for so long.”

We hope this Welcome interests you and that you would like to further explore the benefits we offer. If so, please fill out the online CONTACT US on this website and we’ll be in touch.      

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