The President, John De Lang, is personally missing our meetings very much and think that this applies to most of the Members.

None of us know how long we will have to forgo our monthly lunches.

The President therefore feels that there’s a void that should be filled, even if it’s in a different way and without pudding and coffee afters.

Therefore he fullheartedly agrees with the idea of an epistle, sent by email, on the day we would normally lunch.

Attached is the first edition PDF versions of Horley&D’s PROBUS magazine, endearingly named “proBITS”.   

It is in a straightforward “page by page” format, to be read on the screen of your device - be it a computer or tablet. A printable booklet version ia also available if required.

Our President is looking forward to seeing your contributions in the next issue !

Please submit before the 5th of the month and email to :

Click on the appropriate button below to select the proBITS issue for the month required

Probus Club of Horley and District

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