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Interested in Joining


We hope you have had a look at the other pages on our website and that now you have an insight into what our Club can offer you. The following is intended to give you some more detail. 


Membership  & Lunch Fees


The question that hasn’t been covered so far is the cost of Membership. We are self-funding and don’t look outside the Members' subscriptions for income to provide the services that we offer. We review the fees annually and the following are for 2023/24.


Registration Fee on acceptance into Membership: £25.00


Annual Membership Subscription: £40.00


Members Monthly Lunch Meeting £25.00 pp (incl. speakers fee, venue & lunch)


Quarter Yearly Lunches with wives & partners (incl. entertainment, venue & lunch. These lunches are individually priced)


 How the Club is run


As with each UK Probus Club, the Horley & District Club is independent & self-regulating with its own Constitution and Rules. Each year elections are held for Officers in accordance with the Constitution. The day to day organisation & running of the Club on behalf of its members is by the Membership Management Committee made up of the elected Officers. You are recommended to read the Constitution which is towards the end of the website. 


On application to Membership, each prospective member is asked on his application form to identify in what way or capacity he thinks he could bring his experience & background to serve the Club.

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