Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at a suitable venue within the vicinity of Horley and District.  The Committee shall endeavour to make long term arrangements with venues to ensure continuity of location, so far as practicable.  In March, June, September, and December Ladies are invited (one per Member for the President’s lunch in March and Christmas lunch in December). Coffee is available from 1015. Formal business starts at 1045 prompt. Except for March and December, a speaker's presentation follows from 1130 to 1230 prompt when the bar is opened. Lunch is at 1300. Prospective Members or visitors from other Probus Clubs may attend accompanied by a Member. Attendance at the AGM in March is restricted to Members only. Lunches must be booked on the forms provided at meetings or via the Dining Secretary by phone. Please note: - NEVER direct with the particular venue. Final date for Members to book/cancel is before noon on the previous Friday, after which they are liable for the full cost of attendance. Members are responsible for any costs incurred by their guests. Payment for regular lunches is strictly by cash, or cheque payable to Probus Club of Horley & District, on the day. Members attending a Meeting without taking lunch pay a nominal charge of £5. Payment for lunches attended by Ladies is by CHEQUE or by bank transfer.



Name: The PROBUS Club of Horley and District

Objectives: To provide a meeting point for retired and semi- retired professional and business men for fellowship, conversation, talks and organised excursions. The Club shall be autonomous, non-political, non-denominational and flexible in style to reflect Members wishes.

Membership: Membership is open to men resident in Horley and District. Club Membership is currently limited to a maximum of 70. Applications for Membership are made via the Membership Secretary for approval by the Committee and Members, either directly or by introduction.

A waiting list shall exist and the rights and duties of those on the list shall be determined by the Committee.

The Committee has the discretion to start a second Club. The Committee may excuse subscription payment by a Member who, through prolonged sickness or similar reason, is rarely able to participate in Club activities. During this time, he will not be counted in the Membership list and may reassume normal Membership even if this breaks the limit rule. The Committee has discretion to warn and then withdraw Membership from a Member who has failed to pay his subscription by 1st July or who has attended less than three monthly meetings in a Club year. In this event a Committee Member shall visit the Member, explain the situation, take note of any mitigating circumstances and report back before any sanctions are applied.

Management of Affairs: The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting as follows :- President, Vice-President, Immediate Past- President (ex officio), Secretary, Treasurer, Speaker Secretary, Membership Secretary, Dining Secretary, Website Manager and one Ordinary Member. The President and Vice-President shall hold office for one year but not a second consecutive year in the same office. The Secretary, Treasurer and Speaker Secretary may hold office for a second year without re-election but must stand for election to a third year. This applies to the fourth, sixth etc years of continuation in office. The Ordinary Member may serve for one year after which an election must occur and in which they may stand. With the restrictions stated, any Member can be elected to any position irrespective of previous service. There are no 'routes of succession'. A Club Member shall be appointed as Accounts Examiner for the coming year. The Committee shall meet as and when required but not less than four times each year. Three Members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt Members to fill vacancies in the Committee arising after the AGM, to serve until the next AGM, and to appoint sub-committees with powers as the Committee may determine. The Committee shall also have the power to award an Honorary Ordinary Membership to an ex-member who has provided exceptional services in the past, or to extend this to a present member.

Annual & Special General Meetings: The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held during the March meeting. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee, or at the written request of not less than six Members, addressed to the Secretary, stating their reasons or intent. The Secretary shall, in either case, give Members at least three weeks’ notice of the meeting with the reasons for its being called.

Voting (except Rule changes): Decisions shall be by a simple majority of those present by a show of hands or by ballot of those present, as decided by the Chairman of the meeting who, in the event of a tie, shall have a second, casting, vote. Decisions by the Committee shall be by the majority of those present, but with a minimum of three in favour.

Accounts: The accounts for the financial year of the Club, ending 31st December, shall be prepared by the Treasurer and, after Examination, presented to the AGM. The Committee shall appoint the Club's bankers and cheques shall be signed by any two of three Members appointed by the Committee. Reasonable and proper expenses incurred on behalf of the Club shall be reimbursed.

Subscriptions: The joining fee and annual subscriptions shall be determined at the AGM. The annual subscription, for the year commencing 1st April, shall be paid within two calendar months of the AGM or the joining date, if later. For new Members the joining fee is that current on the joining date, and is due on that day, and the first subscription shall be pro rata to the number of full quarters remaining after the joining date.

Meetings: Regular meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month unless Members have been notified otherwise. Each Member will be given a name badge which shall be worn at these meetings.

Visitors: Visitors from other Probus Clubs and prospective Members accompanied by a Member will be welcome at any meeting of the Club, except the AGM. Ladies and other guests will be welcome at selected meetings. Members should give notice to the secretary when they are to be accompanied by a guest.

Rule Changes, Dissolution. These Rules may be revoked or amended by a majority comprising no less than two thirds of those Members of the Club present and voting at an AGM or Special GM providing that this majority is at least half of the Club's membership. Should the Club be dissolved the remaining assets of the Club shall be transferred to a local registered charity, or charities, selected by the Committee, taking members’ preferences into account if practicable.



Last change at AGM in March 2022




The Club, Committee and Organisers accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or injury sustained by Members, guests, or pets in connection with Club activities or functions. However, the Club does hold an insurance policy covering possible claims against a Member by a third party or another Member. The policy also covers damage or loss of Club property which is defined in an Assets Register held by the Secretary.




A Booking List is provided at monthly meetings with basic information ie dates, approx. timings and costs, providing for names and signatures. Where an event is initially oversubscribed the Organiser may accept added names as a reserve. All bookings must be signed for by a Member who thereby becomes responsible for payment. Names without signatures may be ignored.

Booking Priority Policy

Members and their partners take first priority. Widows of Members come next. The Vice President keeps widows informed of coming events and forwards requests for inclusion to the Organiser. He also advises them to send their cheques to the Treasurer. Other family members or friends wishing to attend an event must have a "sponsoring" Member. They may have to be disappointed if others have higher priority but are usually welcome.


Monthly Lunches - see above under MEETINGS

Events (ie other than normal monthly lunches) Payments are made directly to the Treasurer by CHEQUE or by bank transfer. Payment should normally be no later than one calendar month before the event. The Treasurer is not expected to pursue payments.


Where cancellation is unavoidable due, for example, to ill health, the Organiser expects to be informed ASAP. Where possible a reserve will be invited and payment transferred. The Member concerned cannot automatically expect a refund. He remains liable for unrecoverable costs.

Admission Fees

It may be necessary or advantageous for the Organiser to pay admission and/or other fees up front. Otherwise these are not usually included in costs of events but quoted for information because most Club Members are members of the National Trust or similar .

Insurance and Health & Safety

The Club does not organise insurance for day trips in the UK. Coach companies must be insured by law and the Club has Member to Member insurance to cover negligence which does not cover illness or unattributable accidents. Cover may be arranged for longer periods or foreign trips. Members with their own policies may opt out" subject to the Organiser's agreement. If a Member becomes aware of a matter which might affect the health or safety of participants, he should first advise the Organiser who will act accordingly and, if not then satisfied, report to the Committee.

Tips for coach drivers

These are normally included in the costs paid by Members and paid by the Organiser directly to the driver. On-board collections are never made.



1 A Member's honours may be shown in the Members' Handbook if he requests it.

2 Potential applicants for Membership shall be introduced to the Membership Secretary and shall attend two monthly meetings (excluding the AGM) prior to submitting an application to join via the Membership Secretary.

(See CONSTITUTION above) They may attend other events if they can be accommodated.

Current Joining Fee £15. Annual Subscription £30.

3 Payments to external Speakers shall be at the Speaker Secretary's discretion, aiming at an average over the year of £70. Payments over this "norm" shall be referred to the Committee prior to commitment. Lunches are free of charge.

4 A Member who gives a talk (other than a 15 minute session) will not be paid directly but may nominate a charity to which his fee is to be donated

5 The Secretary shall prepare a form (to be available at the February meeting preceding the AGM) on which Members may submit names (including their own) for election to the Committee at the AGM. Each name requires a proposer and seconder to validate it.

6 Motions for the AGM are to be received by 1st February



9 Jacket, tie (preferably Club) and name badge are expected to be worn at Monthly meetings.

10 On death of a Member a donation of £50 may be made to a charity nominated by his family.

11 The Speaker Secretary is responsible for all arrangements with respect to speakers.

12 Providers of Support Services are approved by the Committee and listed in the Member's Handbook. Welfare activities are limited to Members, although their partners' illnesses may be reported to the President.

13 There are to be no more than four (4) signatories to cheques, and these will be determined and appointed by the committee.